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My Artistry. My Life. My Legacy.

Our Mission

To activate consciousness and grow awareness and abundance in all areas of life for EVERYONE!

We are here to break the cycle of “I am not enough”. We are here to prove you can have the life you want, the health you crave, the career you dream, the financial freedom you seek of and the relationship you desire!

Our Approach

Our philosophies are based on creating an integrated life.  Together, we take a holistic approach to the season you are currently experiencing in your life with combining the worlds of your career, family, mindset, fitness, nutrition and wellbeing to bring you your best level of success, health, fitness and happiness.

Fitness Coaching Services

We understand just how hard creating a new lifestyle can be. We take all aspects of life (both spiritually and physically) and teach you how to instill habits unwaiveringly and create success, whilst achieving your goals and developing your own personal standards of self love. Jump on over and have a look at the different ways in which we tackle fitness coaching! Learn More

NLP, Time Line TherapyR and Mindset Coaching

Did you know 40% of the people’s daily habits are performed each day in almost the same situations? It is said, 80% of the thoughts we think are also repeated the next day?

Maybe its not the physical elements that are holding you back? Maybe you are repeating old habits unsure of how to move forward? Is it your teenage child and you are unsure if they have clear direction or are falling into the traps of peer pressure? Neuro Linguistics Programming and Time Line TherapyR will unblock those limiting beliefs and negative emotions that have stopped you achieving your goals in the past!

Are you wanting to recalibrate your thought process, shift these patterns and unblock your full potential? Equip yourself with how to take charge and start progressing in life! Learn More

Nutritional  Consulting

We offer nutritional coaching services to ensure your goals are being met from every angle of our holistic approach. Are you struggling trying to understand what is right for YOUR body type? Why not sit down and chat Nutrition? We can help from a simple discussion and alteration of where you are currently, to a fully personalized plan to recharge your body and get you back to optimum health! Learn More

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Why are we here?

It is time to put our hands in the faith of the universe and learn to trust. By learning to open up in the universe and live in flow, we allow our subconscious mind to connect with our heart and by doing so we unlock our truth.
Our goal is to ensure your authentic self will always be present and provide the allow yourself the freedom and confidence to dismiss any limiting beliefs that may hinder you reaching your dreams and vision you have built for yourself.
There is no limit with an integrated life and we are here to show you exactly how to achieve this.

Next Steps…

It is time to take charge of your life, and build your vision of how life should be NOW!

Call/ email today to start your journey now!

"Not going to lie, when I first started with Casey I absolutely hated my PTs. I hated everything that came along with exercise. All I wanted to do was sit at home and watch TV. I thought that I'd be 'that fat girl' for the rest of my life and there was no use in trying to change that. But as the sessions went on, I got more fit, my attitude towards exercise changed completely. I now feel strong and confident within myself and around others in a way that I'd never thought would be possible for me.

Casey has guided, pushed, encouraged, cheered, energised and listened when I needed. Along with her help I've lost 25cm in 2 months and gained a mentor and friend."

Steph K

"Casey is an absolutely phenomenal trainer. She's the perfect combination of tough and gentle in the sense that she will absolutely push you to your limits but encourage you every step of the way. She is unique in the way she focuses on you not only physically, but mentally and emotionally and works with you in all areas to become the person you want to be. I'm feeling stronger, fitter, flexible and more balanced thanks to her help and couldn't recommend her enough. There aren't many people who I can say I genuinely look forward to seeing at 5am in the morning but this girl is one!"

Ash R
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