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My Life. My Season. My Artistry.

Our Mission

To activate consciousness and grow awareness and abundance in all areas of life for EVERYONE!

We are here to break the cycle of “I am not enough”. We are here to prove you can have the life you want, the health you crave, the career you dream, the financial freedom you seek of and the relationship you desire!

Our Approach

Our philosophies are based on creating an integrated life.  Together, we take a holistic approach by combining the world’s of NLP,  Time Line Therapy®️, ,       Hypnotherapy,  Fitness, Nutrition and Reiki to bring your dream goals to life in all areas of health, fitness, career, relationships, family and happiness.

Casey Warwick

Founder & CEO

Life should be lived and fully embraced!
Birthday cake should be eaten.
Squats should be done.
Books should be read.
Yoga should be practiced.
Salads should be sung for.
Happiness should be an everyday norm!

I’m here to dismiss the clinical approach to life, business, especially health and fitness. It is my personal mission to show the world what an integrated life means and take you to your peak performance level!
My interest for health & fitness came about when I was in high school, having my first volunteer position in a small town gym at the age of 16. My career had changed numerous times throughout my young life, leading me through hospitality, The Royal Australian Air Force, prestige companies such as BMW and Audi and eventually I found my way back to my first love.
In this time I had injured my lower back through pack marching and ended up with bulging discs, sacroiliac joint dysfunction and stress fractures through my hips (yes, technical terms but hey). Which in turn I had lost my love for a healthy lifestyle, my military career and I developed every excuse not to exercise. With this attitude, my injury lingered in its worst effort for 2 years and had taken me to the point of gaining almost 15kgs, not being able to walk properly and fighting the battle of depression and regret.
Eventually it ate me up so much all I wanted was my life back. It wasn’t until I had someone say to me you can whine about it or fix it. From that point on I did everything in my power to prove I would overcome this and fought for my fitness and my career back.
I started to look at life differently. I made the commitment to myself and those whose lives I touched to never give up on health ever again, that the human body was everything I owned and that became more important. As I started to develop my love for myself physically, I discovered the beauty of self love and development.

I mastered these tools, becoming a Strength and Conditioning Coach, Master NLP Practitioner, Master Hypnotherapist and Master Time line  Therapist®️.

I decided I would never live a small life. I wanted to help as many as I could pursue the life they had always wanted. I made this my duty.

I promise to help implement lifestyle changes to those who have never stepped out of their comfort zone, those wanting to push further than they have ever before and to help people prove to themselves being injured or having setbacks/ road blocks is not the end of your journey and you can overcome any obstacle if given the right tools to do so.

I changed my life, adapted to my season, I developed My Artistry.


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