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Just how important is my nutritional intake?

Extremely important! Our mind, body and soul requires good nutrition to perform at their best levels! Never mind though, we are here to help guide you through this and educate you along the way!

Gym’s intimidate me, do you have alternative options?

Yes, of course we do! We also provide outdoor group training sessions and online training programs for you to complete in your own home. We will give you the tools to build your confidence to work out in your preferred environment.

Will I get bulky if I do resistance training?

Everything comes down to genetics, type of training and dietary intake! So unless you are specifically training and eating to gain “muscle mass”, then no. What you will get however, is confidence to rock those sexy Victoria Secret underwear you have been eyeing off! Resistance training is a must for woman!  Yay!

Can I contact you if I have a specific query?

Of course! We are definitely available to answer your questions. Simply click on the link below!

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