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Higher self… Magnesium levels…. connection???

Ok, let’s be real for a second here. Who has trouble sleeping? You? Let me guess, if you answered yes to that you also suffer from constipation, cramping, fatigue, anxiety, muscular pain and the weariness of not actually being sick but not ever feeling “well”? Am I right?Let’s take a look into why…..


US studies have stated that at least 30% of the adult population do not consume enough magnesium.
Yet, here is the thing. Magnesium is the 4th most abundant mineral in the human body. So why are we lacking?
Just to put things into perspective I would like to explain what electrolytes are: electrolytes are what allow us to be alive, electrical beings. The control and operate all electrical activity, think- the messages we send from our brain to our muscles- yep! That is an electrical current that we need electrolytes as the fuel source for within our body. Magnesium (one of our most important electrolytes) activates these processes in which without it, your muscles cannot fire, your heart cannot beat, and your brain will not receive signals. So basically Magnesium is pretty darn essential.
Magnesium has a massive role in our body, playing part in over three hundred operations, some of which include detoxification in the liver, formation of bones and utilising it’s true power in cardiovascular health.

You can consume all the extra supplements you want daily but what you didn’t know is a lot of our “normal” habits are actually dismissing out magnesium stores in the body.

1. SOFT DRINKS…. we all know this is a big no no, did you know however, by drinking carbonated drinks on a regular basis it can actually make the magnesium within your digestive tract unavailable to the body? Soft drinks contain phosphates which bind with magnesium and in turn our digestive system flushes out the magnesium with those other nasty chemicals we don’t want found in soft drink!
2. REFIND SUGAR… ok… so… have you ever heard a nutritionist refer to sweets as “anti-nutrients”? Would you like to actually know what they mean? Sweets in order to be digested need to absorb nutrients from the other foods in our digestive system, during this process is also excretes magnesium through to our kidneys.. uh oh!! Remember, the more sweets = higher deficiency.
3. STRESS! Many of my clients will have already heard me discuss this, but generally speaking the higher the stress = lower the magnesium. Now Adrenaline and Cortisol play a big role in our bodies- “fight or flight” mode as some would refer to it. Adrenaline work together to pump us up for the big event, however if our levels are raised too high for too long this can in turn cause adrenal fatigue, which can roll into a wide range of health concerns such as constipation, anxiety, impaired memory, sleep disturbances.. you name it. Stress and anxiety have been highly linked and associated with decreased levels of magnesium… are you stressed?
4. CAFFIENE… Do you love a good coffee? Not only does caffeine keep us in the our “fight” stage, caffeine basically sends extra magnesium to our kidneys to be dismissed from the body. Hmm… no wonder I still can’t sleep even after the affects have worn off??
5. Diuretics, birth control, asthma medication, hormonal replacement therapy.. yep you guess it…. all lower magnesium absorption in the body.. just another lovely drug sending magnesium to our kidneys to be flushed out of body!
6. ALCOHOL!!!!!!!! This works the same as diuretics… it slows down our digestive systems and can also lead to Vitamin D deficiency… Who wants to recover properly??
7. Calcium supplementation. OHH? Didn’t think of that one right? If your levels of magnesium are too low, the calcium will drain what’s left as it needs magnesium to be absorbed in the body. Always opt for a calcium product that has a 1:1 ration of magnesium in it also.. you will thank me!
8. Muscle Cramps. Everyone says not enough water right? Lets go back to my first comment about electrolytes.. we need magnesium!!!! A few signs you are lacking can be, facial ticks, fibromyalgia and muscle spasms. Oh and here is a fun fact – fluoride competes for absorption with magnesium!
9. CHOCOLATE LOVERS! Do you crave chocolate? Why, when people are stressed out, do they go for chocolate? Chocolate is one of the highest food sources of magnesium.

So in short, Magnesium is essential!

Magnesium fuels our body and fire’s up our connectors and receivers to take us to our highest self.

Please do what you can to get your hands on this stuff. Your unconscious mind will thank me for it.

Love, Case xo

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