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How are you meeting your needs?

If we start talking about 6 Human Needs, most people are going to start to rattle off- food, shelter, warmth… etc. But as we have started to evolve and come to a deeper consciousness we have also raised our awareness to understanding our emotional needs.

There is so much talk of self love and understanding the human brain these days, we can quite easily get caught up into the hype of it all and often fall into the narcisstic side of making it look like we are honouring ourselves, but in reality we are searching for more and struggling to find out how to meet our own needs. “Does the filter make me look warm and welcoming?” “is my smile bright enough?”

You have heard it right.

We can all play the “I love myself” game externally quite well. But when it comes to honouring yourself there a quite a few things we need to talk about in terms of meeting our “OWN” standards.

Tony Robbins refers to the 6 human needs as; Certainty, Uncertainty, Significance, Love/ connection, Growth and Contribution. Whilst these 6 needs are quite well known, what is not openly discussed is how we actually meet them.

Whether you believe this or not, you ARE meeting everyone of these needs. You may just not be aware of how. Now, before I get into it, what you need to know is these 6 needs can be met in only 3 ways… Positive, Negative or Neutral… Got you thinking right?

So when we talk about our needs we need to list all the different areas of life also… relationships, career, family, health, fitness, finances you name it! All of these different areas can find different ways to fulfil different needs in our life. However, a lot of these areas create external validation and this is where we tend to slip on the self love part.

We may need to healthy for certainty (and self love), we might need a holiday for variety (and self love), you may need an empowering career for significance (and self love), you may need the best relationships with people for love (and self love), you may need to read everyday for growth (and self love) and you may need to volunteer to something bigger than yourself for contribution (and for self love) … There are many ways we can meet our needs and we tend to miss these. I have provided just a few examples, but we have our own ways and we need to ensure they are loving to our soul!

So if you have read this far, and you are curious to know how to ensure your needs are met in a positive light, I have just the task for you.

The 30 Days Needs test:

What you will need:

1 x diary

1 x pen

10 x mins a day

How to do:

  1. Spilt your page into 3 sections and label as such like so
NeedHow I met itPositive/ Negative/ Neutral
  • Each day, map out what particular events/ things/ people/ experiences/self talk etc may have played out in order for your need to be met
  • Decided whether if the way you met that particular need in a positive, negative or nuetral way.
  • At the end of the 30 days, review how you are meeting your needs. Look at each individual need and tally up how many times you met it in a positive, negative or neutral way. Analyse any behaviours that could be shifted to meet your needs in a positive way. With every analysis ask your self “does this feel like my truth and self love to me?”
  • Implement your new behaviours to meet them in a positive way and watch your life shift!

Now it is super important here to remember we are all different and the way you meet your needs may be different to how a friend may meet their needs. So please get honest with yourself and have fun journaling!

I would love to hear your feedback on your results!!

So much Love!

Case xo

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