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Mindset Coaching

Maybe its not the physical elements that are holding you back? Maybe you are repeating old habits unsure of how to move forward? Is it your teenage child and you are unsure if they have clear direction or are falling into the traps of peer pressure?

Did you know 40% of the people’s daily habits are performed each day in almost the same situations? It is said, 80% of the thoughts we think are also repeated the next day?

We offer one-on-one mindset coaching sessions to help guide you into clarity and build your legacy in life!

Are you wanting to change these patterns and unblock your full potential? Speak to one of our coaches today on how to take charge and start progressing in life!

NLP Coaching

Want to know something amazing? If you have ever thought of an outcome or something you have desired you already have the neurological pathway to achieve it. Cool right?

Casey is a fully certified NLP Practitioner. Neuro Linguistics Programming is the processes we have used and had embedded into our unconscious mind (the part of your mind you are not conscious of… right now) from all stages of life to create the world we live in today. Your values, beliefs and attitudes are all decided upon within our unconscious mind.   Neuro Linguistics Programming is used to rewire your thought processes in the unconscious mind to unblock any limiting beliefs and negative emotions that have held you back from achieving your goals and ensure you succeed in literally anthing you set your mind to. It is the study of excellence, which describes how our thinking produces our behavior, and allows us to model the excellence to reproduce that behavior.

Time Line TherapyR

Our Time Line is the way we store our memories of the past, the present and the future. Using Time Line Therapywe take a look into unconscious mind (you know the bit that works without you telling it to) with a specific process which allows you to release negative emotions, eliminate limiting decisions and create the future you have always dreamt of because remember you have the pathway to do that, you have imagined it.

One-on-One Fitness Coaching

One on one Fitness coaching is designed for those who are creating the pathway to live a happy, healthy and sustainable lifestyle in anyway you choose. Whether it be indoor or outdoor, having your very own Personal Trainer with you every step of the way, ensures both encouragement and accountability when approaching a new exercise regime. Every personal training program is designed specifically for the individuals goals and needs.

In your One-on-One sessions we will discuss diet, mindset, re-evaluate goals and monitor body statistics to ensure your goals are being met.

Our sessions are always fun and can be tailored to both the gym lover and outdoor bandit!

Nutritional Coaching

Are you struggling trying to understand what is right for YOUR body type, mind and soul? Would you like to feel good everyday in what you eat and confident in the choices you make? Why not sit down with one of our girls and chat Nutrition? We can help from a simple discussion and alteration of where you are currently, to a fully personalized plan to recharge your body and get you back to optimum health!

One thing we see quite often in this industry is fads such as body building style shredding and shake diets. Whilst they may provide fast results, more often than not they cause extreme hormonal damage and excessive unwanted weight gain- let’s not forget the mental detriment this can cause with our relationships with food.

We are here to rid your body of the unnecessary myths and give you the truth with nutrition! By learning to celebrate food instead of hide from it, we teach you to you love your body from the inside out through eating wholesomely!

Outdoor Training Services

Do you have a group of friends looking to get together and require some motivation? Or you wanting to join a group yourself to meet new people?

Every Saturday morning at 7:30am we meet at Empire Park, across from Bar Beach in Newcastle. the cost is $10 per head! The best bit is afterward, we all go for brekky!

“If you are looking for a fun supportive group of people, you got ’em. My team, my clients and everyone involved in this amazing movement always have the highest intention for everyone at heart. There is always so much love and laughter! You leave with the sorest abs without even specifically targeting them”

– Head Coach, Casey



Not from the Newcastle Area?

Don’t stress, lucky for you we like to think globally. We have you covered.

We provide all our services online also,  Simply email to discuss the best option to suit you and your goals.

Next Steps…

Make your wellbeing a priority.

Call us on 0432 476 647 or email today at

Are you unsure of which option you are after? Simply call or email us, we can have a chat with you and decide together what your next step can be!


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