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Thank you 2017

Whilst we may all get caught up in the excitement of a new year, can I ask you.. did you take the time to thank 2017 for the lessons it has taught you?

Earlier in the week, I went for a coffee with a mentor/ great friend of mine and she had told me about her ritual she completes every year whilst preparing for the New Year.

Every New Years Eve, (insert name drop) Heidi would take the time out to reflect on the year that was and create the intention for the year to come. She would write a letter to 2017 thanking it and telling it all she would achieve in 2018.

In this conversation I had learnt one thing, I had learnt the faith of the universe. Whilst I already had it- the power of it had proven true.

We began to discuss all the things that had come to fruition during the year that had passed through our manifesting. I finally believed everything I asked for I recieved. Every thought that entered my mind created a new flow of energy. I travelled, started 3 new businesses on top of my already successful personal training business, I stepped out of my comfort zone and I found a new faith in myself.

This year, I decided to instill Heidi’s tradition for myself. This morning, I wrote, I reflected and I projected. I am so ready for the most successful year of my life.

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