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What is speaking your truth?

A lot of people talk about it these days, yet very few actually are able to put the exact thought process they are engaging in into words. The reason why? Far too many people are scared they may offend, hurt or be judged for their “truth”.

Can I ask a simple question?
If there was no judgment in the world what would you say right now?
Would it come from a place of love, a place of resentment or a place of utter confusion?
A lot of people look at the term “speaking your truth” as a way of saying whatever is on your mind “just say it”. Ladies and gents, while this may be one side of it a lot of people are actually missing the exact point to be made in this entire statement.
Why do you act a certain way?
Why do you like a certain type of music?
Why do you feel a certain amount of pressure when someone has said something that you don’t agree with?
These are all degrees in which we find out our truth. But our truth is much more than knowing the answer. Your answer you may initially provide may just be what you have been programmed to perceive as “The Truth” yet it may not be YOUR truth. An example, most people feel connected with the music on the radio (in other terms ‘mainstream music’) yet will tell you they do not listen to classical or jazz. However, you place them in a setting with classical or jazz playing and they may feel at ease, comfort or a sense of relaxation. Whilst they may not opt to download that specific genre of music, it rests well with their soul. They generally tend to find a truth in the lyrics and the emotion behind the cords being played.
Why have I used this as an example? It is showing the truth behind the “truth” whilst they say they do not like classical it is purely because they have not been programmed to listen to it within our common era, yet they find a sense of peace and harmony in it and rather enjoy listening to it (even if they won’t admit it to most).
Being able to speak your truth means purely to speak from a place of unbiased and lack of resentment, just pure love. This is the big things in life, the things that set your soul on fire.
If we were to undo what our society has programmed us to follow, where do you think you would be?
There is the common theme we follow through time- go to school, go to university, get a good career, get married, but a house, have kids, etc. Yet, what if you could just do as your heart felt. Flow where ever you wished to be in that exact moment.
Can you answer your truth?
Have you looked deep enough in yourself to understand your own power and what you wish to achieve?
I would love to know your thoughts!
Much Love,

Case xo

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